Building Your Own Skynet on EMC Storage Hardware and Software Systems

Building Your Own Skynet on EMC Storage Hardware and Software Systems

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Information is power. Never has that statement been truer than it is in today’s ultra-connected world. The ubiquity of the Internet has made available to businesses around the world access to data that, until previously, was either unavailable or too difficult to procure.


In fact, information technology has come to the point where the incredible amount of data that the Internet provides has led some to be concerned that the systems—which resemble artificial intelligence in complexity—used to process these data and translate them into usable information might turn themselves against us. Not likely any time soon but keep your tinfoil hat just in case.

The Verge published the fiction narrative “Hey, remember that time Google accidentally made Skynet?” in a June 2014 article, which describes how Google creates the iconic protagonist from the Terminator franchise by feeding it the data Google has access to. While it paints a grim yet unlikely picture, it does reveal the astounding level of data gathering some of the biggest corporations invest in today.

In order to compete, businesses need to invest in hardware technologies that will allow them to do what top businesses like Google are doing. Of course, that does not mean actually getting to a level of complexity of a fictitious Skynet or even a very real Google, but rather, being able to implement a scaled-down model of sorts.

To do that, however, requires that companies invest in storage technologies where the data gathered can be contained for processing. With so much data needing to be filed away, the high-capacity capabilities of EMC storage hardware systems make them an attractive option for Big Data storage needs.

EMC has long been known for producing hardware and software systems that are on the bleeding edge of the storage technology market. From mid-ranged SANs, like the CX series that can scale up into the lower petabyte region, to high-capacity VMAX storage arrays that now push storage capacities upward of four petabytes, EMC has options for practically any size enterprise.

Your organization needs to invest in the storage needed to make Big Data processing possible. If cost is an issue hampering your IT department’s implementation of a high capacity data storage system, turn to legacy providers, like Tab Data Systems, for high-quality refurbished EMC hard drives, controllers, and systems.

(Source: Hey, remember that time Google accidentally made Skynet?, The Verge, June 24, 2014)

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