Certified Data Destruction and Auditing Services

Certified Data Destruction and Auditing Services

Data Destruction Services:

Destroying hard drives is like destroying money! Why not wipe them and get back a greater return on your investment?

Securely erase and reuse your expensive data storage hardware. Tab Data Systems uses certified data destruction methods to ensure our clients information is fully cleared from storage drives before reuse or resale. Data storage hardware is not a cheap investment and reuse allows a company to retain greater value on the investment they have made.

With ever-growing regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPAA), and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB)…, Tab Data Systems can provide our clients with piece of mind that their data is safely disposed of using the latest in DoD, NAVSO, NIST and other secure data destruction methods.

Tab Data Systems provides greatly reduced wiping service to equipment purchase by us for resale. As a matter of policy we wipe all drives with a 1X DoD pass but will provide greater levels of secure wiping services above our standard wipe for a reduced cost on hard drives to be re-marketed by us.

Tab Data Systems will also provide certified destruction on any EMC hard drives regardless of whether we will be reselling the equipment or not. Our wiping service is priced well below that of our competitors and our turnaround time is industry leading.

For more information on our service please inquire here or call 585-424-3600. We will be happy to provide a quote for our services.


Testing and auditing services:

Tab Data Systems can provide testing and auditing of your EMC storage hard drives and most controllers. If you are interested in testing service please contact us here or call 585-424-3600