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CX Clariion 2G 10K 146Gb fiber drive

Part Number:
005048531 005048255 005048442 005048491 005048615 005048495 005048031 005048698 005048563 005048563 005048581 005048632 005048807 005048128 005048598 005048624

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Product Description

The EMC CX-2G10-146 is a hard disk drive designed to expand existing CX series storage solutions. The drive is ready to be plugged into the system upon delivery.

Key Specs:

  • 146 GB
  • 10,000 RPM
  • Fibre Channel connectivity
  • 2 Gbps data transfer rates

This simple to install and fully compatible disk drive allows enterprises to effectively scale data storage to meet current needs. The EMC CX-2G10 146GB drive is fully compatible with all CX storage solutions and delivers impressive performance.

CX Clariion 2G 10K 146Gb fiber drive