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CX Clariion 4G 15K 300Gb fiber drive

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005048731 005048741 005048848

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Product Description

EMC 005048731 15K RPM 300GB CX-4G15-300 Fibre Channel Drive is a high-capacity, top-performing hard drive, with 300 GB in data storage capacity and 15,000 rpm disk speeds, recommended for upgrading a standard CX storage system. This hard drive comes with an interface speed of 4GB per second. Created for operating environments with high requirements for performance and capacity, this fibre channel drive is a cost-effective choice for a variety of data storage and transfer applications.

Fibre Channel Interface

Fibre channel drives such as CX-4G15-300 EMC 005048731 is a data-transfer protocol known for its high bandwidth. These drives employ optical cables in connecting devices and are used primarily and extensively in connecting servers within a SAN or Storage Area Network. Fibre channel protocols ensure flexibility and speed in workstation data transfers as well as in operations between devices. These make CX-4G15-300 EMC 005048731 highly recommended for work environments that demand large capacity, high-performance storage systems. Designed to work seamlessly with CLARiiON and Celerra NS storage arrays, upgrading an existing storage system is easy and convenient with this EMC fibre channel drive.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Designed to be flexible and highly-efficient, this hard drive is also perfect for operating environments that require different types of storage hardware, such as EFD or Enterprise Flash Drive and Serial Attach SCSI or SAS, within one location or workstation.
The EMC 005048731 CX-4G15-300 fibre channel drive with its 15k RPM disk speed may be used for a variety of applications including E-commerce, OLTP, Database, Email, ERP, and Data Replication. Since this hard drive is created to deliver the best in both performance and capacity, it is a well-recommended data storage choice for both transaction-based and archival-based systems.

The Fastest by Industry Standards

The impressive increase in performance in most types of FC (Fibre Channel) drives mainly comes from disk operations improvements. Thus, 300GB capacity (4GB/s) 15k RPM EMC 005048731 hard drives have the ability to convey 2.0 ms average rotational latency times and 3.5 ms average read seek times. These rates are currently the fastest in the hard disk drive market.

Features/ Tech Specs:

  • 4GB/sec Interface Speed
  • 300 GB Disk Capacity
  • Fibre Channel Disk Interface
  • 15,000 rpm Disk Speed

With its excellent disk capacity and impressive disk speed, CX-4G15-300 EMC 005048731 is built to meet lofty storage requirements of capacity-intensive work areas. Ideal for both performance-intensive and capacity-intensive operating environments, this fibre channel drive offers high reliability and excellent bandwidth at a reasonable price.

CX Clariion 4G 15K 300Gb fiber drive