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The Perfect Upgrade

Planning to do an upgrade on your present storage array of EMC CLARiiON CX3 and CX4 series? This CX-SA07-020 SATA II Drive is a perfect addition with its remarkable 2TB disk capacity and 7,200 RPM disk speed. Known for its high capacity and transfer speeds, this SATA II drive is a reliable IT and data and storage hardware that ensures data transfers at top efficiency.

The acronym SATA

SATA is an acronym for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, which may also be abbreviated as S-ATA. This type of hard drive is designed to connect to a motherboard via a SATA cable that is distinct from the ribbon cables common with IDE hard drives. This drive interface replaced the older PATA or Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment and has been available for external hard drives since 2004.

The advantages of SATA

A SATA hard drive has several distinct advantages, and excellent data transfer speeds is just one of them. Compared to PATA transfer speeds at its fastest, the lowest speeds of a SATA hard drive is visibly faster. It is also generally more flexible than the traditional PATA connections as more SATA hard drives may be attached to a computer motherboard. SATA II specifically contains several enhancements over the standard SATA, which include NCQ or Native Command Queuing that improve reliability and escalate performance.

The features of SATA II for Data Storage Environment

Designed for optimum performance and efficiency, this SATA II drive guarantees high speed and reliability at all times. It is a recommended choice for high-capacity environments, such as research facilities, government intelligence agencies, and other capacity-intensive enterprises, where low-cost storage and superior reliability are required. Since the CX-SA07-020 is designed to be energy efficient, it can guarantee bulk storage capacity without the high cost. This makes the SATA II drive extremely advisable for capacity-intensive operating environments.

Several applications ideal for the CX-SA07-020 SATA II Drive include disk-to-disk backup, large-size application datasets, archival systems, and low I/O file sharing. The large capacity and exceptional sequential performance of SATA drives provide a reliable backup solution while its cost-efficiency makes it an exceptional alternative to tape-based archival.

The benefits of a SATA II disk drive technology include lower cost per megabyte, lower cooling and power requirements and, consequently, reduced carbon footprint.


  • 2TB Disk Capacity
  • 7,200 RPM Disk Speed
  • SATA II Disk Interface

Tab Data Systems also offers other CX-series hard drive from EMC, such as the CX-4G15-300 Fiber Channel Drive, which comes with 300 GB disk capacity and 15,000 RPM Disk Speed.




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