EMC CLARiiON AX Series Hard Drives

Known as an entry-level disk array, the EMC AX CLARiiON Series of controllers and hard drives continues to be popular among mid-level businesses. Production of the CLARiiON line however, was discontinued by the EMC Corporation in early 2012. Tab Data Systems, however continues to provide the hardware needed to support existing systems.

Despite being discontinued, many still prefer to use the CLARiiON AX Series for their small to mid-sized organizations, thanks in part to how the AX Series SAN helps in simplifying the deployment and administration of consolidated storage environments. Built on innovative virtualized peer storage architecture, the EMC CLARiiON AX Series controllers allow for easy storage management, and provides comprehensive data protection as well as the high level performance and reliability found int the AX series SATA and SAS hardrives..

Intended as a cost-effective alternative to direct-attached storage, the AX Series hard drives are designed to extend the benefits of networked storage to a broader range of businesses and industries. Developed with simple installation and ease of use in mind, the AX Series hard drives are ideal for medium-sized and smaller enterprises and companies with distributed workgroup environments. But do not let the relative low price of the EMC AX series to deceive you into low expectations. The EMC AX series is a powerful and highly reliable system.

Effective AX Series Hard Drives from Tab Data Systems

Committed to serve as one of the most dependable providers of certified, pre-owned EMC storage hardware in the country, Tab Data Systems strives to bring you the widest selection of refurbished EMC CLARiiON AX Series hard drives and products.

With our team’s extensive IT expertise and the advanced auditing equipment we have in our facility, we are able to meticulously evaluate the pre-owned EMC AX Series hard drives we provide. This enables us to guarantee that the hard drives we are offering you will operate at the highest levels at a fraction of the cost of new hardware.

To learn more about the EMC AX Series controllers and hard drives as well as other equipment that Tab Data Systems offers, please browse the products listed in this section. Technical details, product description, availability, warranty, and a quote are available for each item. If you need more information about our AX Series products, send us an email via our Contact Us page or call the Tab Data Systems team at 585-424-3600 for further assistance.