EMC CLARiiON CX Series Hard Drives

EMC CLARiiON is a SAN disk array manufactured by the EMC Corporation, developed for midrange storage purposes and to provide cost-effective solutions which can address the different IT challenges which modern midsized enterprises face. With advanced system capabilities providing superior levels of protection, many still use CLARiiON for their network storage needs, despite the product line being discontinued by EMC in early 2012. Though no longer available from EMC as new equipment it is still available through Tab Data Systems, fully tested by our technicians and ready to implement.

The EMC CX Series of CLARiiON in particular, remains popular and continues to be utilized in different industries. As a highly reliable and now very economical data storage solution, EMC CLARiiON will be the foundation of data storage of many businesses for years to come.

Featuring support for direct-attach, SAN, and NAS deployments, the CX Series platform allows users to take advantage of all the benefits of storage consolidation via a deployment that can fit their specific requirements. With SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment), SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and Fibre Channel disk technology, CX Series of CLARiiON products can easily match application requirements of businesses with required performance and cost parameters.

Commonly using IP connectivity, the CX Series of hard drives makes networked storage more affordable, yet is also highly scalable and provides continuous availability and data integrity that help keep businesses running.

Affordable EMC CX Series Storage from Tab Data Systems

At Tab Data Systems, we realize the effective performance which the EMC CLARiiON CX Series of hard drives provides to our customers. As such, and because the production of the hardware has already been discontinued, we work with our extensive supply network to ensure clients have access to pre-owned yet reliable and cost-effective EMC CLARiiON CX and EMC CLARiiON AX Series products.

As our company’s focus is offering pre-owned IT storage hardware, the EMC CX Series hard drives we provide come at a fraction of how much it would have cost if acquired brand new. With our team’s extensive EMC testing expertise we can provide your business with both value and reliability.

To learn more about the EMC CX Series hard drives we currently offer, or to make a purchase, please feel free to click on the products listed below. If you need more information, send us an email via our Contact Us page or simply call the Tab Data Systems team at 585-424-3600.