Five Great Reasons to Trust ASCDI-NATD Member EMC CLARiiON Dealers

Five Great Reasons to Trust ASCDI-NATD Member EMC CLARiiON Dealers

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When buying legacy hardware, such as an EMC CX Series SAN, buyers may sometimes feel a bit of apprehension over their purchase. This is understandable, as buying older hardware often induces doubt over whether the equipment will still work due to its age. However, working with an ASCDI-NATD member dealer can help to clear any such doubt and reduce anxiety over the purchase. Here’s why:


A Common Code of Ethics

ASCDI-NATD members abide by a common Code of Ethics that, among other things, require members “to maintain and enforce high standards of ethical professional conduct,” to protect the confidentiality of business and customer information, and to honor transactions as expeditiously as possible. Thus, when you do business with an ASCDI-NATD member, you can expect to receive a high level of service and be treated with utmost respect.

An End-User Bill of Rights

The ASCDI-NATD has put together a bill of rights designed to protect end users. Members of the organization agree to conduct their business in alignment to this End-User Bill of Rights. It recommends, among other things, that software integral to the operation of a machine should be granted an unlimited license to use for the life of the equipment and that diagnostic software needed to maintain a machine should be transferable to new owners when a machine is sold.

Anti-Counterfeit Program

The ASCDI-NATD enforces a strict anti-counterfeit program to protect end users against counterfeit products. The anti-counterfeit program binds members under a zero-tolerance policy against knowing and intentional trafficking in counterfeit products. Members who are found to be doing so are immediately terminated from the organization. Any member who unknowingly supplies a counterfeit product must immediately replace it with a genuine product.

Member Vendor Discounts

ASCDI-NATD members are provided discounts by vendors who have partnered with the organization. Members are encouraged to support these vendors. The discounts members receive can help to lower the cost of doing business, and where applicable, this reduced cost may be passed down to buyers.

Regular Conferences and Regional Meetings

The ASCDI-NATD regularly organizes conferences and meetings for its members. These activities help to keep members up-do-date with the latest information from manufacturers and news on governmental policies that affect the technology industry. End users benefit from these events in the form of better quality of service.

When working with an EMC CLARiiON dealer, remember to check their membership with the ASCDI-NATD. Doing business with ASCDI-NATD member dealers, like Tab Data Systems, ensures that you will receive quality equipment for your money and that you will be treated professionally with every transaction.

(Source: Association of Service and Computer Dealers International and the North American Association of Telecommunications Dealers, ASCDI-NATD Website)

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