Sell Your Enterprise Data Storage Hardware for More

Increase the value of your EMC and NetApp data storage equipment while reducing electronic waste.

We’ll send you a quote for your used, overstock and decommissioned equipment. We’ll then arrange for equipment pickup. Upon receiving your equipment we perform an inspection, audit and certified DOD data destruction on your EMC storage drives as an added benefit for your peace of mind.

Selling Used Hardware with
Tab Data Systems is Easy:


1. Schedule Pickup

With our expedited shipping partnerships we’ll arrange for the equipment to be picked up from your facility


2. Inspection & Audit

Once our warehouse receives your shipment, we will test every unit to ensure you receive the maximum value from your hardware


3. Destruction & Recycle

We provide certified DoD wipes on used equipment. We partner with certified recycling companies to manage disposal of electronic waste from equipment not used


4. Return

Once you approve of the value we assess your equipment, you will be sent a payment to complete the sale of  your equipment

What IT hardware can you sell to TDS?

Storage devices & hard drives
Controllers & systems

How you get paid?

Once we verify your equipment is functional and not damaged we will proceed with releasing funds to the seller using their preferred payment method. Payment method can be in the form of a check or wire. We will gather these details from you based on your preferred method.

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About Tab Data Systems

Tab Data Systems maintains a 10,000 square foot warehouse containing inventory across a large selection of enterprise data storage hardware. We help you realize the value of your IT hardware and sell refurbished equipment at a fair price.

A few reasons to sell your gear with us.

You get the best price
Added peace of mind
Environmentally safe
A risk-free process