Expedited Processing & Delivery

Expedited Processing & Delivery

Shipping: We ship world wide!

Tab Data Systems realizes how important it is that our customers receive their purchases without delay and in perfect condition. We take pride in making sure the first thing our customers see when they receive our product is how well it is packed. Below are our packing methods:

Small package: Small package products such as hard drives and controllers are in most cases shipped in double walled or reinforced walled boxes. Additionally we use industrial grade bubble wrap to cushion our equipment. Through trial and error (unfortunately), we have found that industrial grade engine block bubble wrap provides superior cushioning and reinforcement for small package shipments.

Large pallet shipments: For large shipments on pallets in most case we package equipment in double walled pallet boxes with 1” honeycomb cardboard cushioning. All pallets are also shrink-wrapped and strapped securely to the pallet.

Cabinet shipments: For full EMC cabinets we use EMC specific shock pallets and cardboard surrounds. All cabs are bolted to the palled with EMC pallet brackets. For international ocean shipments cabs are sent to a crating company to be properly sealed and crated for safe transport and protection from salty environments.

For specific shipment costs we are happy to provide a quote (link). We are also happy to ship using our customers account and shipper of choice. All shipments picked up by customer’s shipper become the responsibility of the shipper and customer as soon as they are loaded on the truck so please insure when needed.

For more information please contact us here (link) or call 585-424-3600